Apple Pie Oatmeal

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It’s fall, and so apples have been chief on my menu these days.  I needed to use up some apples that were getting overripe and I thought, “why not cook them with some oats in my under-used slow cooker?”  And that’s how my apple pie oatmeal was born.

I used oat groats because they are high in fibre as well as protein.  If you can’t get your hands on any oat grouts, you can use steel-cut oats (virtually the same thing only cut to reduce cooking time.  If you use steel cut oats, you still would cook them for 6-8 hours).  Next time I would add hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, oat bran, large rolled oats and/or oatmeal to change it up a bit and make it more nutritious.

1 1/2 cups oat groats (cook and use liquid according to package directions if you want to)

2 cups PureCoconut milk beverage (or non-dairy milk of your choice)

4 apples (cored, peeled and chopped; I used 1 Royal Gala and 3 McIntosh)

A pinch of salt

1/3 cup maple syrup (to taste)

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cardamom

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp large shredded coconut

Oil your crock-pot/slow cooker.  Put all ingredients (except coconut) in the slow cooker and cook on low for 6 – 8 hours.

Top with shredded coconut and add more maple syrup or non-dairy milk if needed (I personally don’t like my oatmeal too clumpy). 🙂


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