Brief Hiatus


Hello all!

You may have noticed a slowing down in my blogging pace.  That’s because there’s been A LOT happening on my end.  My (plant-based) plate is uber full.  Since I’m in the throws of finishing bar school and studying for what very well are the most important exams of my life (Quebec bar exams), I won’t be posting very regularly (if at all) during the next few weeks.  I mean, to be frank, technically I could have written blog posts before hand and scheduled them to post automatically over the next few weeks, but I never even had time to do that.

While I don’t anticipate that I will even have time to procrastinate, perhaps I’ll be able to post one recipe before May.  I do have a bunch of photos on my SD card and recipes written on random scraps of paper;  I just need to find time to type them and post them.  I beg your indulgence.

Wish me luck (and if you pray, please keep me in your prayers)!  Thanks!


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  1. You will prevail! Will be praying for you!


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