Gluten-Free Saltfish Fritters

Going to Jamaica made me really crave the foods that I grew up with but that I’ve since sworn off since going gluten-free.  I loved having saltfish fritters growing up, but I hadn’t eaten it in years because it wasn’t gluten-free (it’s made with a batter).

I thank my lucky stars that I was able to change that!

Here it is, in all of its gluten-free fabulosity.  In my next trick, I’m going to try and see if I can make these babies paleo!


1/2 pound salted codfish

1 tbsp ketchup (optional)

1 cup rice flour

1 tsp baking powder

3/4 cup cold water

2 stalks of green onion/scallion/spring onions

1 tsp thyme

1 tomato, chopped,

1/2 salt (optional)

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 egg

1 scotch bonnet pepper, chopped (optional)

cayenne/black pepper (to taste)

Here’s how to make ’em:


6 Comments Add yours

  1. rnelson08 says:

    Could I use tapioca flour instead of rice??


    1. Simone says:

      I don’t know. I’ve never tried. Let me know how it goes!


      1. rnelson08 says:

        I went for it and it went great! I added a touch of baking soda to keep them light and they were delicious!
        Thanks for answering!


      2. rnelson08 says:

        It was great! I added a touch of baking soda to keep it airy and used Califia Farms cream for liquid. They came out really nice and light and crispy like a traditional fritter! Thanks for answering!


      3. Simone says:

        You’re very welcome!


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