Ackee and “Saltfish” with Orange-Ugli Fruit Juice

For me, Sundays = food.  Growing up, Sunday brunch consisted of ackee and saltfish and fried dumplings.  Now that I’m grown, I try to carry on the tradition.  When I was in law school I would often host some of my friends at my apartment for what I would call “Saltfish Sundays” and I’d cook…

“Ras” “Mas” Non-Alcoholic Sorrel Drink

Ahhh Christmas… One of the most beloved holidays in the world, but ever so special to Jamaicans. Christmas for Jamaicans means good conversations, gifts, time spent with family, and, most importantly, a full spread of food – curry goat, curry chicken, rice and peas. No Christmas, however, would be complete without sorrel.

Snack Time Part II — S’mores

Here’s another use for vegan marshmallows… S’mores!  Complete with my chocolate spice tea.  Absolutely yummers!  Melt these in your microwave (or over a gas stove) and you’re good to go!